What is DGePay?
DGePay is a convenient platform for merchant payment.
How can I get started with DGePay??
Download the DGePay customer app, if you are a customer (who wants to make payment to merchants) or, DGePay merchant app, if you are a merchant (who wants to collect payment from customers and make payment to other merchants), from the Play Store or App Store, follow the on-screen instructions to register, and you'll be ready to use our services.
How can I make payment or, accept payment using DGePay platform??
Simply link your bank account to your DGePay account, and make payments directly to merchants or receive payments from customers into your bank account.
Can I link any bank's account in DGePay for making payment?
Currently, you can only link Mutual Trust Bank's account and NRB Bank's account in DGePay platform for making payments.
Can I link any bank's account in DGePay for accepting payment from customers?
Yes, you can link most of the bank's account to accept payments.
Is there any limit on transaction frequency or volume in DGePay platform?
No, there are no limits on transaction frequency or volume within the DGePay platform.
Does DGePay issue Bangla QR and facilitate Bangla QR payment?
DGePay issues Bangla QR to merchants and facilitates Bangla QR payments through the DGePay app.
Can users make payments to other users?
Users can only make payments to merchants but can’t transfer funds to other users through the DGePay platform.
Can users make payments to any merchant outside DGePay platform?
Yes, users can make payments to any merchant outside DGePay platform by scanning the merchant's Bangla QR.
Can I link multiple bank accounts to DGePay?
Certainly, you can link multiple bank accounts to your DGePay app (Customer/Merchant) for flexible transaction options.
Can merchants use DGePay for business transactions?
Absolutely! DGePay caters to both individual users and merchants, offering services for collections, payments, bill settlements, and various other business transactions.
Are there charges for using DGePay services?
Users incur no charges for making payments. However, for payment collection, Regular merchants face a maximum fee of 1.6%, while Personal Retail Account (PRA) merchants pay 0.7%.
How do I stay updated on DGePay's latest features and announcements?
Stay informed by regularly checking our official website and following us on social media for the latest updates, features, and announcements.
How do I contact DGePay customer support?
Reach out to DGePay customer support at 01713335304 or via email at info@dgepay.com.
What is the process for resolving transaction-related issues?
If you encounter any issues with your transactions, please contact our customer support with transaction details. We will investigate and resolve the matter promptly.